Everything I know about being a lady I learned from Drag Queens.

It occurred to me as I watched the latest episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race, that with a few exceptions, everything I’ve learned about being a lady, I learned from Drag Queens. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I come from a long line of strong, intelligent, beautiful and loving women but they were also food growing, clothes sewing, family raising, comfy pants wearing women. They would be the first to agree that slaying the house down boots was nowhere near the top of their incredibly long to-do list.

So leave it to the drag queens to not only teach me how to strut in heels and contour for the gods but also how to embrace every aspect of the feminine experience. 

Not all of the queens are from drag race, of course not, drag queens come from every corner of the world, in every shape, size, color, creed and gender identity but for most fans, I’d hazard a guess that the show was their first introduction to the art of drag, and it is exactly that, art. It’s an entire culture, small minded folks might want to point fingers and shout GAY, or claim it’s a perversion and to those people I say shut the hell up, sit down and educate yourself. 

With age comes enlightenment or at least that’s what older people tell me. So at my age, it doesn’t surprise me that I still had so much to learn. And I thank these queens, these artists, these performers, for the crash course in GLAM but more importantly I learned about acceptance, accepting differences, accepting myself, accepting my flaws, accepting that there’s always room to grow and learn.

Trixie, Utica, Yvie, and Thorgy Thor taught me it’s ok to be different or for people to think you’re strange. It’s ok not to dress or look like everyone else.

Raja, taught me age ain’t nothing but a number mama.

6 taught me I’ll never be a matte girl and that family is often created not what you’re born into.

Eureka, Latrice, Ginger Minj, Jiggly, and Kornbread taught me to love my damn self and embrace my curves.

Adore taught me it’s ok to throw in the towel sometimes and try again later

Kim Chi taught me how to hold a grudge against a restaurant but you know…sweetly 

Katya taught me that I’m not the only one who laughs at her own jokes or slaps her thigh while she’s cackling.

Venus Envy taught me makeup tips I’m still using, about Drag Kings and where to find the best clubs in Orlando

Jinkx Monsoon taught me how to appear bat shit crazy all the while storming your way to the crown.

Trinity and Monet X Change taught me how to share the prize

Bianca Del Rio taught me that mean and funny are often the same

Ben Dela Creme taught me how to step out of the way and let someone else succeed.

Maddy Morphosis taught me that straight men do drag as do transgender and non binary people

Which brings me back to my original thought…Maybe they not only taught me how to be a better lady but how to be a better human.