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The Team

Pup Duffy

Pup Duffy is a mom, student, host, and at times a hot mess. She is finishing up her degree in journalism and digital media but don’t let that fool you, she is still trying to figure the world out. Pup is a proud nerd who claims to be tough but literally cries at the end of Avengers Endgame EVERY TIME. She loves horror but hates jump scares, thinks rainbows, dinosaurs, superheroes and unicorns are the bee’s knees and is still trying to figure out how to wear eyeliner. Her special needs son is the reason behind everything she does. Pup believes love is love but can’t stand romance novels. She’s a weirdo. Stephen King once laughed at her joke. Find her on Twitter @gwynduffy on Instagram gwynduffy or email PUP4CCC@GMAIL.COM

Keira Lane

Hailing from West Texas, Keira grew up the oldest of five siblings. She was introduced to the works of Jane Austen by her grandmother at a young age. This sparked her love affair with books and writing. As a budding author, with her debut From A Heart-Shaped Box having released in November 2021, Keira has shown that sheer determination and resilience are keys to growing in the literary arts.

Fueled by determination, coffee, and chaos, Keira has managed to not only be published in two books, she will be featured in the zine The Dark Side of Purity, releasing this year.

Keira currently resides in North Fort Worth, Texas with her husband, five children, two dogs, and three cats. If she isn’t working on her many wips or sticking her fingers in all the cookie jars, she is running around trying to find all the nuts she’s squirreled away—somewhere, and enjoys reading books of all different genres, writing, photography, painting, crafts, hanging with her family, playing video games, and Moscato.

Sam Dupree

Sam grew up in Kansas, but has called the DC metro area home for all of his adult life. A former political junkie, his days are now filled with introducing young people to the wonders of literature. He spends his free time reading, writing, and watching all things Muppet with his wife and two sons. He enjoys cooking as long as he has a recipe to follow, playing board games (but doesn’t like losing or people being angry that he wins), and listening to audiobooks at 2+ times speed. His favorite authors are John Irving and Chuck Palahniuk, favorite movie is The Big Lebowski, and favorite drink is Basil Hayden on the rocks. CS Lewis is a regular inspiration for his tattoos. He does not train lions. 



Raul grew up in California before relocating to the Lone Star State. His works in Music Management and Talent Acquisitions, and the host of [Insert title Here] which features indie creatives from books to music. While initially a booktuber he expanded his channel to feature more interview based content on a weekly basis. His short story Runner’s High is also feature in the horror Anthology “Something Bad Happened”.