Movie Review: Infrared

Genre: Horror/Found Footage

A paranormal investigator and his production crew gain access to a mysterious, abandoned school but when the thrilling haunt turns deadly, the team must race to uncover the terrifying truth before they become the school’s next victims.

Directed by Randy Nundlall Jr and Robert Livings

Written by Randy Nundlall Jr and Robert Livings

Starring: Greg Sestero, Jesse Jansen, and Leah Finity

For those who enjoy found footage horror movies, this is a great watch. I personally don’t prefer them but I will make an exception for Infrared.

The opening scene, with Jesse’s character Wes, was abrupt and jarring as he is over the top in a overly sensationalized TV personality way. I found myself moderately annoyed and pleading that this wouldn’t be the whole movie. I could have not been more wrong. Jesse’s dynamic chameleon abilities with regards to his acting range really rendered me quite speechless. The depth of this character, which is slowly revealed, left me identifying with him in more ways than one.

Leah’s character, Izzy, easily stole the show for me. She starts off as this subdued, almost to a fault, character and you are left feeling that she is completely unremarkable. This doesn’t last long as you begin to see the fluid chemistry between Jesse and her, which allows Izzy to come into her own. Gradually, Izzy starts to open up and you learn more about Wes and Izzy’s sibling/family dynamic while they both struggle to find their place. Healing and growth are major subplot points to this film, something which we can all identify with.

You wouldn’t have the fun added layers to this movie without Greg. His character, Geoff, was a fun one to watch. The audience finds some general unease when you key in on him yet are left wondering why because there is no inherent reasoning to feel that way. Greg teetered on a tightrope toying with our suspicions and intrigue in a brilliant way.

Randy and Robert brought to us an incredibly strong and fun horror flick that deals with multiple layers and plays to the strengths of each actor/actress which brings a sense of realism to this piece.

Infrared is out now on all VOD platforms.

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