Movie Review: Wicked Ones

Tory Jones’ “Wicked Ones” is a follow up to 2015’s “The Wicked One” and in it we find the Lawson family dragged back to Carpenter Falls once more to face the evil serial killer they thought they had defeated. When their son Daniel heads back to Carpenter Falls for a concert, Adam and Alex and their two daughters go along for moral support, not realizing that not only is The Wicked One still on the loose, but it has also amassed a group of copycat killers who are out for blood in the name of their “Father”. Alex fights to protect her family, falling to a level of depravity that is necessary to defeat the evil attacking her family. 

“Wicked Ones” is a dark tale, not for the faint of heart, it shows you that not only is evil real but it is often something you cannot control. 

Produced by Jonestown Films and starring Richard Leo Hunt, Katie Stewart, Dale Miller, and Skyler Guthrie, this heavy slasher will be available on digital demand September 13th. 

Check out our “Much More Muchier” podcast for the full interview with filmmaker Tory Jones

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