Movie Review: Surrogate

Surrogate” from Australian filmmakers David Willing and Beth King is not your Mama’s horror film. You think you know, but you really don’t. Natalie is a single mom, hardworking, loving and…losing her mind? Well, Willing and King would have you think so, but come closer kids and look in the mirror, that is right, just a little closer and…you have “Surrogate”. Kestie Morassi of the 2005’s chilling “Wolf Creek” is brilliant as a woman doing everything in her power to keep her family together in the face of a relentless enemy. The only question is, who is the enemy? Morassi runs the gamut of emotions in this film and does it effortlessly.  

Jane Badler, Ellie Stewart, Matthew Crosby, Jennifer Vuletic, Brett Cousins, Darcy Kent, and Taysha Farrugia co-star. Produced by Black Spade Productions , “Surrogate” is available to watch now on Amazon Prime and September 16th on Tubi and Google. 

Check out “Much More Muchier” for our interview with David Willing.  

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