Movie Review: Something in the Woods

Something In The Woods” written by Deanna Gomez and directed by Alexander T. Hwang is a film about a kidnapping gone incredibly, horribly wrong. Vienna Hayden stars as Carolyn Morrison, eldest daughter of a disgraced politician who blames reporter Norah Thompson, played by Nicole Cinaglia, for her reversal of fortune. She drags Norah into the woods where the two find they need to join forces to fight a common enemy. A never satiated, ravenous enemy. The film draws parallels to current events and hammers home a needed lesson about the danger of greed. Hwang was also principal cinematographer and brings amazing shots of the gorgeous and stark (but never empty!) Washington State forests. 

Available on demand and DVD on September 6, 2022 from Uncorked entertainment, “Something In The Woods” will leave you hungry for more. 

Check out “Much More Muchier” for Pup’s interview with Alex Hwang.

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