Movie Review: How Dark They Prey

“How Dark They Prey” is a four-part horror anthology with alien encounters, lake monsters, obsessed cult members, torture, kidnapping, ghosts, and World War II soldiers. On the surface, the anthology seems to be clear cut what you can expect in each installment, but the twists and cohesive and bloody segment segue leaves you a little turned around and confused in all the best ways. My favorite was “Nelly”, a strange tale of kidnapping, murder and ghosts with a humorous element that made me laugh as much as it grossed me out, which honestly is everything I look for in a horror film. Well known for raising your blood pressure, the horror genre ramps up the anxiety to almost unbearable proportions, so for me a moment or two of levity in a horror film releases some of that built up pressure and “Nelly” is a perfect example. This anthology, written and directed by Adam Ambrosio and Jamison Locascio and scored by Ambrosio, is an awesome blend of scares, heart, drama, humor, intensity and, of course—aliens. 

Produced by Film Valor and Halcyon Valor Productions, “How Dark They Prey” stars James Reilly, Timothy Paul Jobe, David Johnson, Marc Lubbers, Josiah Schneider, Alisha Spielman, Tom Coughlin, Samuel James Pygatt, Susan Feinman, Kelsey Nichole Black, Jeff Ronan, and Paul Pallota. 

This fun anthology releases on all digital platforms September 15, 2022.  

Check out our “Much More Muchier” Podcast for Autimagination’s interview with Adam and Jamison.

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